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Home Pricing
Remote Support - £30 per hour.

The majority of our services can be carried out remotely on your PC or Mac, saving you the inconvenience of waiting for an engineer to visit. Please call to enquire further.

Site Visits - £30 per hour.

If your requirements cannot be met remotely, an engineer will be happy to visit your home. Inside of the coverage area, this flat fee covers our arrival and the first hour, and each subsequent hour which we charge by 30 minute intervals. The standard service covers all work onsite and offsite excluding data recovery from a faulty hard drive (see below).

Hard Drive Data Recovery - Free collection, free examination, £250 recovery charge.

Should the data on your PC or laptop hard drive become unreadable due to a fire, flood, physical damage or worn parts, we will collect your drive free of charge, and provide you with our examination results detailing the data we are likely to recover. It is our strict policy to only charge if we can recover the required contents of your drive to a replacement hard drive, DVD, or any other media you provide. We can provide these, but will charge extra accordingly. Many data recovery companies will make an assessment of your data, and charge you according to its worth, which in some cases can amount to thousands of pounds.

Please note, this service is only necessary if the hard drive itself is unreadable. In many cases, we will recover the full contents of a drive even after your operating system fails to load under our Standard Visit Service, usually in your home.

If you are unsure of any aspect of our services, or would like to chat about your needs, please call, e-mail, or submit an online request.

These rates only apply to home customers in the coverage area.
Home Services
Computer Repairs - Hardware and Software
We repair all PCs and Macs. If the problem cannot be fixed on-site, we can take it to our anti-static workshop. If the machine needs any parts, we source them for you.

Our engineers are perfectly able to backup your existing data where necessary before carrying out repairs. Your data will be returned to the computer upon completion of the work, and we'll always make sure you're entirely happy before leaving site.

Virus, Adware, Malware, Scamware Removal
We can remove all software infections from all major operating systems including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and OSX. Once the removal is complete, we can advise on how best to protect your computer in the future, and install tried and tested security software for you.

Electronic Device Repairs
As well as computer systems, we're qualified and experienced in the repair of games consoles, mobile phones, tablets (iPads and Anrdoid devices) and flat screen displays

Thinking of buying a new computer? Need a little advice? Get in touch, we can provide new desktop computers and laptops at very competitive prices. If you chose to purchase elsewhere, we won't be offended, in fact, we'll help you make an informed decision regardless.

Just bought a new computer? We can set it up for you, copy any files from your old computer over, setup the internet connection and install security software. Just ordered broadband? We can professionally configure your connection and setup any wired / wireless networking equipment.

Broadband, Networking, WiFi
Having problems with your wired or WiFi network? Issues with your broadband connection or speed? We are experts in the field of data communications. An array of diagnostic equipment can help us get to the bottom of your problem and repair it with efficiency.

We can professionally advise what part needs upgrading to get the most from your computer, source any parts and often upgrade it onsite.

Consumer Support
Perhaps an unusual service to offer, but over recent years our customers have required us to help with every aspect of information technology in the home. If you require advice in finding the best deal for your latest purchase, some help with a difficult retailer / provider or even assistance in telephone / broadband choice, we're happy to help.

From one to one tuition to classroom sessions, we cover all major software applications and Microsoft operating systems.